Luxury with nature

Experience World-Class Opulence

Project by : Seven Star Developers



Places in Maharashtra are some of the best for tourism, especially Mahabaleshwar Hill Station and surrounding regions.
Imagine a priceless possession of your own Lifestyle Premium  home with Mahabaleshwar within the vicinity of just 20 km.
A luxurious property with a Residential Complex designed creatively and combined beautifully with a Social Club & fully equipped Film Studio.
Your own space away from the hustle of the city, with nature’s joy like cool breezes, lush green surroundings, and a serene environment all around.
With all the tangible & intangible benefits of the property, you can also utilize it as an additional source of income.
There are other beneficial highlights of this region, such as easy access to natural scenic vantage points of Panchgani, Dhom Dam, Wai MahaGanpati, etc. There are also other beautiful locations such as Kas Pathar, Ajinkya Tara, and other historic places with lovely climates across the entire year.
“When your HOLIDAY HOME reflects YOUR SUCCESS, a well-deserved ROYAL LIVING is a must.” “WELCOME TO THE SEVEN STAR FILM CITY.”
Enter your Grand Abode which exudes The Best Elegance, Luxury &  Beautiful Experience.

Discover experiences that will motivate you to cherish your togetherness with family, friends, and folks; with immersive and exploratory leisure activities.

REJUVENATE, RELIVE & REFRESH. We strive to transform your dreams into reality with our new creations. We have elegant architecture that will please your soul, and the suites will take care of your comfort.

Seven Star Film City has a well-equipped Film Studio surrounded by nature’s beauty. It has one virtual floor and two shooting floors which are highly maintained with all the facilities required from pre-production to post-production of a film.


Luxurious amenities provide us even with more magical experiences. SEVEN STAR FILM CITY is your first choice to book your dream-come-true LIFESTYLE PREMIUM HOME. We offer you “Inspired Architectural Design” combined beautifully with all the Amenities.

“Dive Happily into the Fantastic World of SEVEN STAR FILM CITY”.

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