When Dedication, Passion, and Innovation combine, beautiful creativity emerges in the form of SEVEN STAR FILM CITY and leaves us spellbound. This is India’s First CELEBRITY LIFESTYLE PREMIUM HOME with Luxurious Residential Complex, created exceptionally with conceptual designs perfectly combined with a Social Club and an exclusive Film Studio.
SEVEN STAR FILM CITY is an Ultra-Luxurious weekend home concept, it is a beautiful result of the imagination of five brains together from the Film Industry, Construction, Hospitality, Market Expertise, etc.
SEVEN STAR FILM CITY is an ultra-luxurious weekend home project consisting of fully furnished Studio Apartments and 1 / 2 / 4 BHK Suites. This is India’s first project that proposes a full-fledged Film Studio and the prestigious ‘Wai Club Private Limited’.
It offers an unparalleled opportunity to REJUVENATE, RELIVE & REFRESH in idyllic environs. It is a second home to reconnect with family and friends, spend time with your loved ones, explore the surrounding vicinity, and enjoy the Infinity swimming pool, spa, and beyond.

Mission & Vision

We, SEVEN STAR FILM CITY believe in delivering thoughtful and mesmerizing second homes with the utmost quality and transparency, as our values. We work passionately for creativity, excellence & quality. The ultimate aim to craft this one-of-a-kind project is to offer you special moments of peace and harmony with a home away from home. It is our intense urge to work with minute details and deliver classic living experiences to cherish forever.


Luxurious amenities provide us with an even more magical experience. SEVEN STAR FILM CITY is your first choice to book your dream-come-true LIFESTYLE PREMIUM HOME. We offer you “Inspired Architectural Design” combined beautifully with all the Amenities.

“Dive Happily into the Fantastic World of SEVEN STAR FILM CITY”.

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